Video: Severus Snape’s Story

  • Article by Roland Bleyer
  • February 12, 2015 at 4:02 AM

 Severus Snape’s journey in the Harry Potter story was just as tumultuous as the series’ namesake.

Snape started out in the first book (and movies) as the professor we loved to hate, then fluctuated between that and actual hate for quite a while. The flashbacks to his childhood in later books and movies sparked sympathy from fans, but the complex story structure left many people seeing him as a villain rather than a victim of circumstances – let alone a hero.

But one Snape fan has decided to set the record straight by editing together “the important scenes” from his journey in the Harry Potter movies, in chronological order.

“I made this video to counteract the overwhelming amount of Snape hate I’ve seen on Tumblr over the last couple years,” YouTube member kcawesome13 explains in the video’s description.

While the video was first uploaded in January 2014, to commemorate what would have been Snape’s birthday (“Happy 54th Birthday to one of my all-time favorite characters” writes kcawesome13), it just gone viral over the past month and now has over 5 million views.

As well as putting Snape’s whole story into perspective, kcawesome13 says it shows how talented the film team was considering so much of it was shot before Snape’s big reveal at the end of the series.

“Alan Rickman portrays Snape’s character beautifully, despite knowing very little about Severus’ motivations (contrary to popular belief!) in the films shot before the 7th book was published,” she says.

The clip’s been picked up by big sites like BuzzFeed, as well as major news publications around the world. So no doubt a lot of Harry Potter fans will be getting their fair share of Snape nostalgia from this.

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