Video: This Ariana Grande Music Video May Not Be So Original

  • Article by Amy Bradney-George
  • February 18, 2015 at 11:06 AM

Ariana Grande and her creative team have been accused of ripping off a music video from Australian band Safia, with some scenes looking almost identical.

The international pop superstar’s One Last Time video, released in February, follows an apocalyptic theme that sees Grande running through gridlocked cars as the sky above flashes with explosions, before running into the arms of a man at the end of the clip.

Safia’s video for their single You Are The One, on the other hand, was released in September 2014 and features a woman getting out of a car in a traffic jam and running through chaos before ending up in an embrace with a man at the end of the clip.

The Australian electro trio noticed the similarities after Grande’s video was released and speculated about whether or not it was a coincidence on their Facebook page.

“This might just be coincidence but to us it looks like either the people atAriana Grande’s label or the film maker have seen our clip for ‘You Are The One’ & reworked the concept a little bit and then straight up stolen and copied some bits…(ESPECIALLY THE END!).”

With some scenes, colour grading and the ending looking almost exactly the same, it does look like the clips are twins, if not identical copies.

Fans of Safia have jumped to their support, slamming Grande and her people for unoriginality.

“Well this is awkward… @ArianaGrande rips off Aussie musicians @SAFIAmusic in her new video #getyourownideas,” music website Howls & Echoes tweeted about the incident.

But Ariana Grande’s director for the music video, Max Landis, has also taken to Twitter to defend her and the clip. In a lengthy series of tweets, Landis first shares a wide range of videos with similar themes to the two above before writing:

“It’s almost like like tropes and themes are repeated constantly throughout fiction. Guys, calm down.”

He goes on to explain that he and Grande came up with the idea after she saw a short film he’d done, but that they discussed a wide range of other ideas.

“We went with this one because we thought “wouldn’t earth going through a comet’s tail be neat and unique.” Comet’s tail: Pink, purple.”

Landis also said he had spoken with Safia and “they were cool about it”, before spiralling into a rant about not accusing others when the same could be said about you.

Safia have posted an updated response to the controversy on their Facebook page saying it “genuinely may have just been a coincidence.”

“We’re not after Ariana, Max or their label either we were simply voicing our concerns in what is sometimes a common occurrence in the music industry,” they say.

“We feel it’s important to stand up for our work which we spend so much of our lives devoted to, but we’re ready to move on from this. This is not how we want our name to reach the masses, if you hear about us we want it to be because of our music and not because of a ‘scandal’.”

But regardless of whether it’s a strange coincidence or something more sinister, the similarities between these clips has definitely drummed up more attention for both Ariana Grande and Safia.


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