Taylors Wines Marketing The Ideal Wine Temperature With New Label

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  • Article by Amy Bradney-George
  • November 20, 2015 at 2:14 PM

Most Australians think they know how to best serve wine: red at room temperature, white and sparkling chilled in the fridge. But now one Australian wine company says we’re doing it wrong – and is trying to sell us the “right” way.

Taylors Wines has begun introducing the idea of ideal wine drinking temperatures to the broader public after it found 80% of Australians could be drinking them too hot or too cold. We may not mind, but the wrong temperature could take away the unique tastes and textures that winemakers want to bring to each bottle.

Basically, having a glass of red or white at the wrong temperature can make a good wine go bad (in the same way storing wine at the wrong temperature could turn it to vinegar). And Taylors Wines Managing Director, Mitchell Taylor, says that’s the last thing they want to happen.

“Temperature is a vital piece in making sure wine is enjoyed at its very best. While our winemakers take great care to ensure our wine is of utmost quality and value, the warm Australian climate is not so great for storing and drinking wine,” he says in a statement.

“Wine lovers are really missing out on an opportunity to experience and appreciate wine better if they don’t understand the different temperatures certain varietals should be served at.”

The wine company’s concerns are backed up by stats too: a recent survey they ran found that 8 in 10 Australians drank red wine at room temperature, which is around 22 to 24 degrees in summer – significantly more than the “ideal” temperature according to industry experts. The Court of Master Sommeliers recommends red wines be served at between 10 and 18 degrees celcius, based on the average room temperatures in Europe.

Taylors Wines is introducing these standard temperature recommendations to Australians in the form of a new labelling system. The company’s Taylors Estate and Promised Land range of wines now include an “Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensor” that changes colour based on how hot or cold the bottle is, turning green for white wines and red for red wines.

Taylors has even produced a video explaining the “degrees” of variation that can be caused by a wine’s temperature, and has been making news all around the world for their new labelling system.

“You’ll probably never drink wine the same way again,” the video says, before suggesting that with Taylors Wines you can “live better by degrees”. But whether or not people take these recommendations to heart – and how it affects the price of Taylors wines – remains to be seen.

Images: Screenshots from the Taylors Wines Live Better By Degrees video, source: Taylors Wines (YouTube).

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  • November 20, 2015 at 2:27 PM

    My wife adds ice cubes to her red in the heat of summer. Personally I’m not a wine man, although I’ll have the odd glass of champas to celebrate. Imagine it would be seedy warm though.