Success Kid Asks Internet To Help His Dad

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  • Article by Amy Bradney-George
  • April 15, 2015 at 2:26 PM

Success Kid has been used in millions of memes over the past seven years, representing successes and “wins” of all kinds. But now the boy behind the meme is asking for the internet’s help.

His dad, Justin Griner, needs a kidney transplant, and their family has turned to crowdfunding for support raising the $75,000 needed to cover the costs of finding a live donor and going ahead with surgery.

Although Success Kid is now an eight-year-old boy better known as Sammy Griner, the popularity of his picture has helped raise over $65,000 in just six days. The GoFundMe campaign was set up by Sammy’s mother, Laney Griner, and explains that Justin has a family history of kidney disease and that he’s been on dialysis for over six years.

“His mother died from this disease, please help us write a different story for Justin and his son, Sam,” the page says.

Initially, Laney Grimes didn’t mention Success Kid in the appeal because she wanted it to be about her husband and their whole family’s wellbeing. But after some serious consideration, she changed her mind and reached out to some online news hubs with information of the link to Success Kid.

“…I thought what a positive boost it could bring to our fundraising efforts for people to know this is for the father of the baby who has made so many people smile,” she says in an interview with BuzzFeed News.

She says that the response over the past few days has been incredible and that they are “floored by the reaction”.

“I know Success Kid is a popular meme, but around here he’s just our 8-year-old son, Sam. It’s amazing seeing what broad, worldwide appeal his image has, even so many years later.”

The page currently has over 3000 donations, as well as more than a million shares on social media, and many of the people that have responded are also leaving with heartfelt comments of support, as well as gratitude for Sammy’s successful baby picture.

“I been guilty of using your memes on my friends fb page, they have brought laughter and all I want to do for your dad in return is donate. Hope he gets well soon. God bless,” a comment from one woman who donated says.

“Hope to see a meme featuring your kiddo that says “my dad had kidney transplant surgery. success.” on it soon,” another says.

With this kind of support, there’s a lot of hope that Success Kid’s dad will soon be known as Success Dad too.

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