Quid – RACV Helps Mum In Need For Free

RACV FB post
  • Article by Amy Bradney-George
  • August 21, 2015 at 2:02 PM

Roadside assistance services like RACV are supposed to help their members, but not all of them will help strangers without charging a fee.

That’s exactly what RACV did for one Melbourne mother recently, even though she was a member of another roadside assistance service.

In a post that’s gone viral on the RACV Facebook page, mother Mara Rose explains how she accidentally locked her daughter in the car and struggled to find anyone to help.

I called around 3-4 local locksmiths, they couldn’t get to me in time…I then called my roadside assistance company NATIONAL ROADSIDE SERVICE AUSTRALIA,” she says.

“I told them I have a toddler locked in the car, they told me my ‘package’ did not include lock outs, I asked if I could add that now and they said no your package doesn’t allow that, I gave him a loud colourful few words and Hung up (sic) shaking.”

The locksmiths had suggested she call RACV, which is what she did next. The Roadside Assistance Centre consultant who answered dispatched someone straight away.

“[Twenty] minutes later Steve from Boronia… My hero arrived,” Rose writes.

“In 2 minutes my little girl was awake and in my arms as happy as larry. I then asked Steve how much I owed him because I wasn’t a member (I didn’t care how much) he then proceeded to say “it’s a courtesy call”, I replied “what do you mean?” He said “RACV will never ever allow a child to be locked in a car”.”

Rose was so surprised and grateful that she took to Facebook to praise RACV for their response. Within 14 hours, her post had over 19,000 Likes and almost 2000 shares.

There are also over 500 comments, many of which share similar stories and praise for the roadside assistance service.

An RACV representative also replied to the post saying Rose had “made [their] day”.

We have some great people working at RACV,” she wrote.

“I will track down both Steve and our consultant in the Roadside Assistance Centre to ensure they get your thanks. Feel free to PM me your contact details if you’d like to us to get in touch with you.”

It’s stories like these that show how valuable social media can be for sharing good news and good company values.

Images: Screenshots from the RACV Facebook page.


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