Netflix and iiNet Partner Up For Unmetered Entertainment

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  • Article by Roland Bleyer
  • March 03, 2015 at 9:43 AM

Turns out some people will have it better than others when US entertainment streaming service Netflix launches in Australia on 24th March 2015.

The company has partnered up with local internet service provider iiNet to offer new Netflix customers unmetered access to the service. The deal means that any data used while streaming shows on Netflix will not get added to data caps for iiNet customers.

iiNet says its broadband, Naked DSL, NBN and iiNet TV with Fetch customers – as well as Internode, Westnet and Adam fixed line broadband customers – will have access to “as much Netflix content as they like, without it counting against their monthly quota.”

The deal is the first of its kind in Australia, where entertainment streaming services are only just starting to take off, and iiNet’s Chief Executive Officer David Buckingham says Netflix is set to be a “game changer” for the Australian market.

“We couldn’t be happier about Netflix launching in Australia. It opens up a whole world of affordable entertainment options for our customers and we’re adamant about ensuring the content is easily accessible to as many people as possible,” he says.

“Netflix significantly strengthens our entertainment offering and we expect it to be an extremely popular option for all those avid television and movie fans out there.”

While Netflix’s local offering was announced in 2014, its launch here follows on the heels of two other streaming services: Stan and Presto.

Stan is owned by Nine Network and Fairfax Media, and has exclusive rights to series including Better Call Saul (the follow up to Breaking Bad) and the award-winning Transparent, as well as movies like The Lego Movie. Presto, on the other hand, has a library that includes series from Foxtel, Channel Seven and HBO, including The Sopranos, Girls and local drama Wentworth, as well as new US crime drama Aquarius.

Netflix, on the other hand, is launching with a slate of new shows such as Marco Polo and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But missing from its lineup are fan favourites including already released seasons of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, with Australian rights currently owned by Foxtel.

But the US entertainment company has adapted to the challenge, with a range of new shows already being hyped up.

Netflix’s Director of Business Development, Paul Perryman, also says that the iiNet partnership will play a key role in the launch of the Netflix service here.

“Working with iiNet to offer quota-free Netflix content gives more people the opportunity to familiarise themselves with who we are and what our service offers,” he says.

“We’re confident that Australian audiences will love Netflix and we’re looking forward to shaking things up in the local subscription TV market.”

Netflix has also announced a deal for people who purchase new Xbox One consoles in Australia, offering three months worth of free Netflix. In New Zealand, where Netflix will also launch at the same time as in Australia, Netflix and Vodafone have partnered up to offer free streaming for customers who sign up to the new service.

At this stage, Netflix has not announced how much a subscription will cost, but with monthly fees for Stan coming in at $10 per month and Presto at $9.99, the chances are it will offer something similarly competitive.

Images: iiNet screenshot; Netflix Facebook screenshot.

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