MCG Dishes Up Food Savings for Sports Fans

  • Article by Amy Bradney-George
  • March 02, 2015 at 3:42 PM

It often feels like ports grounds exploit the fact that there’s nothing quite like having a pie and drink at the footy by charging exorbitant prices for food and drink. But the MCG is hoping to reverse the trend with its latest price update.

 Along with hospitality partner EPICURE, the Melbourne Cricket Ground has announced that it will lower the prices on food and drinks by up to 40% at all MCG events in 2015.

The biggest saving goes to Mt Franklin bottled water, which will sell for $3 this year, down from $5 in 2014. Meat pies and hot chips will both sell for $4, instead of $4.80 and $5.60 people paid in 2014, chicken schnitzel burgers will go down from $10 to $7.50 and salads will sell for 30.4% less than last year at $8 each.

An MCG kids’ meal deal will also be available, providing families with an affordable and fun alternative for feeding their children at the stadium.  

The organisation says the prices of some products have dropped so much that they are consistent with what you would have paid at the stadium more than decade ago.

“This is an unrivalled initiative in the venue industry,” Melbourne Cricket Club CEO Stephen Gough says in a press statement.

To put these savings in further perspective, in 2014 a family of four would have paid $40.80 for four drinks (soft drink and water), two containers of hot chips and two pies. In 2015, the price of these snacks works out to be $26.

“We are reasonably confident that no major venue or sporting event in the world, other than perhaps Augusta National Golf Course, has or can match what we are offering today,” Gough says.

MCG Food Prices – Now and Then


According to the MCG, the price changes represent a $14 million investment over the next seven years to deliver fans “affordable, family-friendly food and beverage offering at all MCG events”.

“We have listened to the fans, we understand their affordability concerns and we are very confident that this initiative will be extremely well received,” Gough says.

“This will take the MCG hospitality offering to a new level.”

The new prices apply from April 1, starting with the AFL match between Richmond and Carlton the following evening. The MCG says the prices will also be maintained for other MCG events in 2015 and beyond, including international and domestic cricket, State of Origin rugby league and soccer. 

Images (top to bottom): Meat pie at MCG, source: Marc Ellis; MCG product prices, source: MCG; MCG stadium, source: Gavin Anderson

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  • March 18, 2015 at 11:23 AM

    Woohoo, gonna enjoy my meat pies even more now!