Girl Scouts Give Cookie Money to Woman Who Lost Everything

  • Article by Amy Bradney-George
  • March 04, 2015 at 10:36 AM

A group of Girl Scouts in US have used all of the profits made from selling their cookies to support a woman whose house recently burnt down.

The eight girls from West Carrollton, Ohio had initially planned to spend their US$300 Girl Scout Cookie profits on a Spa Day for their troop, but when they heard that Barbara Dolan had lost her home they knew there was a better way to use the money.

Dolan’s house was burnt down the weekend before the Girl Scout’s bi-monthly meeting, with no insurance to cover the costs. It was her lifelong home and, as great-grandmother of one of the girls, the whole troop was moved by her loss.

“She lost everything,” Girl Scout Alaura Ibaugh, 10, says in an interview with WTDN’s 2News.

“She lost 75 years of pictures and she lost most her jewellery.”

The troop’s leader and mother to one of the girls, Dana Dickson, adds that the decision was made entirely by the young girls, and left many parents speechless and teary-eyed on the night.

“I don’t think any of us were dry-eyed, honestly. They’re one of the most fantastic groups of kids I’ve ever had the luck to be involved with.”

In an interview with the Good News Network, Dickson also recounts how matter-of-fact her own daughter was about the gesture.

“When I told my daughter Molly (who is 10-years-old) how proud I was of her and her troop, her response was ‘It’s okay Mom, we can do mani-pedis at somebody’s house. The lady needs the money way more than we do.”

After the girls made this decision, parents gathered their own contributions and presented the Dolan family with a handmade card and US$500. The girls have also been encouraging people to support a GoFundMe campaign to raise an additional $5000 for Barbara Dolan.

“She has lost everything, including 75 years of photos, and momentos (sic) from mission trips she had completed while doing God’s work,” the page says.

“She is devastated and in great need of financial help. She was already on a limited income and living month to month. Please help if you can, any amount is greatly appreciated.”

Dolan’s granddaughter, Bonnie Wright, was so touched by their support that she arranged a special thank you. After hearing that the Girl Scouts had given up their spa day to support Dolan, Wright called up spas in the area and organised a free spa day courtesy of Fab Kid Spa Party Boutique in nearby Vandalia.

“For them to give up something that meant so much to them for a complete stranger is mindblowing,” Wright says in the 2News interview.

The girls’ reactions – captured in the video above – show just how big their hearts are, and really highlight the importance of true generosity at any age.


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