Australia’s Big Landmarks Go Bogan

Big Things
  • Article by Amy Bradney-George
  • April 09, 2015 at 1:40 PM

We’ve already got a Big Banana, a Big Golden Guitar and a Big Merino, but now one town is hoping to add to the list of giant things in Australia with a Big Bogan.

Nyngan, in central NSW, has just announced its plans to build a “Big Bogan” statue complete with a mullet hairdo, fishing line and esky. The council has proposed a 3.6m tall figure made out of rusted steel to help capitalise on Nyngan’s current ties to the word.

“Where better in Australia could we have “The Big Bogan” than on the banks of the Bogan River, in Bogan Shire?” the council’s manager of engineering services, Graeme Bourke, says in a letter submitted to the council earlier this year.

He says people already find the Bogan names interesting enough to share on social media, so a statue could help create more tourism for the town.

“From my personal experience I have seen posts on social media where visitors have told their cyber network they are at the Bogan River or in Bogan Shire and they post pictures of our shire sign, logo, and Bogan Street name sign. I would prefer them to take a photo of a feature that hopefully creates a bit of interest and promotes Nyngan and the shire at the same time.”

News of the proposal has already spread online, with Twitter users showing support or making jokes about the #BigBogan and Facebook users commenting on the Nyngan Observer’s post about the statue.

As the local newspaper reports it, the Big Bogan was the brainchild of Nyngan’s Anglican Church Reverend Graham McLeod, who says they should act fast before other towns in Australia (such as Logan in QLD) latch onto the idea. “It’s about tourist potential and place recognition,” he tells the Nyngan Observer.

“Nyngan is a place where you leave Dubbo of a morning and stop for morning tea. This gives people another reason to stop. Actually, I’m even hoping we can attract people from overseas to come and sit with The Big Bogan.”

If approved by council, the estimated $8000 “sculpture” would join some 150 other “Big Things” around Australia, which have become something of a fascination for people all around the world. Lifehacker has even called the process of building giant things as tourist attractions “a major national pastime“, while many other websites detail each and every Big or Giant thing around the country. While some are iconic for purely cultural reasons, such as the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, or the Big Kangaroo in Border Village, others really show off Australia’s quirky sense of humour, like Tully’s Gumboot or Ballina’s Prawn – although the Big Bogan is probably the idea that really embraces the Aussie ideal of “taking the piss”.

Images: Screenshot of “australia’s big things” on Google Images; screenshot of Big Bogan from proposal letter


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