Anne Hathaway Nails This Version of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball

  • Article by Roland Bleyer
  • April 07, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Anne Hathaway has shown the world what she’s made of with a version of hit song “Wrecking Ball” that’s even better than the Miley Cyrus original.

In a brand new show called Lip Sync Battle, Hathaway is pitched against fellow actress Emily Blunt to see which woman can lip sync songs the best. Staying true to her profession, Hathaway fully commits to the song at hand, miming the song perfectly and replicating some of the best bits from Miley Cyrus’s video clip. And yes, true to the song name, there is a wrecking ball involved.

Details from the Lip Sync Battle YouTube page show that the clip was uploaded on the 6th April 2014 and went viral in a matter of hours. The video was watched 2 million times in under a day, with over 6000 likes and 300 comments on the YouTube page.

The show’s Facebook page post also had over a thousand likes and hundreds of comments and shares after just six hours.

There’s been a lot of hate for Anne Hathaway in the past, with even the media pausing to speculate on the harsh criticism slung at her by both their own kind and the public. There’s even questions about it on popular open-source sites like Quora asking “why so many people hate Anne Hathaway”.

But this video shows a different side to the gracious, optimistic actress, and the majority of people like it, with many of the comments on social media saying how much they love her and that she does the song better than Miley.

That seems to be one of the M.O.’s of Lip Sync Battle: making celebrities more real by getting them to do things most of us have done in front of the mirror at home at some stage in our lives. The show launched on US station Spike on the 2nd of April but already has millions of social media followers eagerly awaiting new footage and episodes. And if the Anne Hathaway “Wrecking Ball” video is anything to go by, this show is going to be a huge hit.


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