This Advertising Company Wants to Pay For Your Luggage

Orion luggage
  • Article by Amy Bradney-George
  • October 02, 2015 at 10:51 AM

There are two big issues travellers face when it comes to luggage and airports: baggage fees and the fear of not seeing your suitcase on the carousel when you land.

But US company Orion Travel Tech says it has the answer to both of these problems. The startup says it will pay baggage fees and provide distinctive hardshell luggage to people in exchange for advertising on the cases.

Orion pays your roundtrip baggage fees by becoming the world’s first Mobile Traveling Billboard Luggage Trolley with a front and back advertising wrap,” the website says.

“Orion also allows customers to personalize their own luggage with a graphic that they choose from a number of on-going promotional campaigns that occur throughout the year.”

For travellers, that means free bags and free checked baggage, with selected ads printed on the front and back of the cases. The company provides registered travellers with an Orion Gift Card, which is preloaded with money to pay baggage fees at the airport before every trip.

You can travel as much during the year as you want,” Orion says, adding that a family of five could save US$250 per trip.

From an advertising perspective, Orion is one of the first companies to work in this sphere and there is huge potential for growth and exposure.

Advertisers, marketers and promoters can now have their brands showcased in-front of a mass audience while virtually letting their loyal customers do all the work. From New York to California, all in a 24 hour period,” the website says.

Orion Tech Travel founder Gary German says he came up with the idea after years of travelling and “watching many travelers hating the fact that they had to pay for baggage fees.”

“With the invention of hard-shell luggage, it is now possible to approach advertisers and promoters with a whole new set of eyes combined with personalization. What’s unique about this luggage, it literally can go worldwide in a day!”

Orion is currently inviting US travellers to register for the service before the first two ad campaigns launch in 2016.

Images:Screenshots from Orion Travel Tech explainer video, source: YouTube.

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